Keeping up with Kindergarten vol.22

Mrs. Van, Mrs. Houston, Mrs. Nunes, Mrs. Neely

Dear Kindergarten and PreK Parent(s):

Ride's annual Field Day is quickly approaching. We recommend that your child wears comfortable clothes, applies sunscreen, and brings a labeled water bottle.

Each student will be teacher-paired into a “buddy group.” The buddies and a parent volunteer will work together to complete various cooperative, competitive, and active events. Groups are free to complete the events in any order they like. The following is a schedule for the day’s activities.

A representative from your child’s classroom might contact you requesting volunteers to chaperone a group of kinder / preK students. For those of you with additional children at Ride, please be aware that parents who volunteer to lead a Field Day event for the school may not concurrently volunteer to “chaperone” a group of students. K and PreK chaperones will report to the classroom at 10:35am. No spectators, please. We are looking forward to an active, student-focused event!

Thank you,

Bridget Hodge and Laura Matthews

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Reading for March 28th- April 22nd

Big Idea: Children will focus on characters' actions, words, and thoughts to grow their understanding of character feelings and motivations.

I can:

•Reread my books

•Understand how characters think, feel and act

•Act out my book with my partner

•Read my characters with appropriately chosen voices

•Share my books and characters with my partner/book club

Writing for March 28th-April 22nd

Big Idea: Children will learn that revisions make their writing better and more meaningful for their audience.

I can:

•Revise drafts by adding details.

•Use descriptive words to add detail.

•Use tools to help me write.

•Reread and assess my writing.

•Show, not tell, when writing.

•Work with a partner to revise my writing.

•Share my writing with an audience.

Math March 23rd- April 5th


I can:

  • compare measurable attributes of length.
  • compare measurable attributes of weight.
  • compare measurable attributes of capacity.

Sight words to practice at home for 2nd semester

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Blends and digraphs to practice at home

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