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January 11th, 2018

Events and Lessons From Around Wildfire


On January 15th, every student at WFES will participate in our first ever schoolwide STEM Day!

The kids will be working in their grade level teams and will use the engineering design process to solve real-world problems and scenarios.

Here is a sample of what students will be accomplishing during STEM Day

  • Kindergarten: Students will design and build a trap that can catch and hold the elusive gingerbread man.
  • 1st-Grade: Based upon the 100th day of school, students will create structures using 100 different items.
  • 2nd-Grade: Using the laws of Physics, students will construct kites that will need to be able to rise and stay suspended in the air for an extended period of time.
  • 3rd-Grade: Students have been tasked by the King and Queen of Spain to sail to and explore the New World. Students will need to successfully build and sail a ship that can complete the journey while being full of crew and treasure.
  • 4th-Grade: Students will continue their Middle Ages learning by designing and building various middle age weaponry and tools such as the Ballista, Siege Tower, Watermill, and Battering Ram.
  • 5th-Grade: Students will design a spaceship that will safely keep two aliens (marshmallows) inside the vesicle as it is dropped from various heights.
  • 6th-Grade: Working in their homerooms, 6th-grade students will be tasked with solving a daily problem they face in their own life. Students will brainstorm ideas and create an invention to fix their problem. This will be a multiweek project where students will have to design, create a sales pitch, make blueprints, advertise, and sell their inventions in a Shark Tank'esque style convention.

STEM Day is going to be a great day for all our students and we already can't wait to have more STEM Days in the future!


A new positive change is filling buckets in our front lobby area. For the past weeks, Wildfire staff members have been on the lookout for the students and behavior that may not always be recognized. SPARK Cards are WFES staff members way to recognize and thank those students who do the right thing for the sake of it is the right thing to do. Students are given a SPARK Card to turn into a grade-level bucket and are entered into a weekly drawing. Student Government representatives draw a card from each grade-level on the Friday morning video announcements to publically recognize those students and their actions. Winning students earn a small prize* and all weekly SPARK Cards are then collected and saved for a later grand prize drawing. Thank you to all our students for being a SPARK of positivity at Wildfire!

*If you have anything you'd like to donate to our weekly prize collection, please contact our front office

Climbing a Bookcase

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”Albert Einstein

Students and teachers came back from winter break to a fantastic surprise! Using a list of past favorites and future classic books, artist Dana Maciag, worked to create and decorate the front staircase. We hope it helps ignite a passion for reading in all our students as they pass by and climb these stairs every day!

A big thank you to our amazing and supportive PTO for funding this project.

a collage of pictures that show the front stairs at WFES which have been painted different colors and with titles of different books

Public Speaking Program

Did you know that according to the National Institute of Health, nearly 3 in 4 people suffer from a fear of public speaking?

To help ease the fear, 6th-grade students are starting a public speaking unit, taught by Mr. Dennis Schuman. Mr. Schuman is a former PVUSD teacher, and current public speaking program presenter. The curriculum was purchased by our PTO and is an 8-week program where students will learn the 6 keys to public speaking. At the end of the unit, students will give a speech, over the topic of their choosing, in front of their peers.

Castles projects

4th-grade students were tasked with using their creative powers, the guidance provided and from their teachers, and their learned knowledge of the middles ages as a part of their CORE Knowledge Curriculum, to build a model castle. The amazing castles students created are currently on display in our library.
collage of models of castles students built

Finding X

Q: What is a birds favorite type of math?

A: Owl-gebra

6th-grade students have started learning algebra and while they may not find it as funny as the joke above, Mrs. Schlinglof says they are really rocking it!

Thank You from WWA

"Whispering Wind Academy's families and staff would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Wildfire's families, staff, and Student Government for all your support in the Gingerbread Men Holiday Program. We could not do this without all of you. A special thanks to:

Mrs. Sandborn, Ms. Shoenhair, Student Government members, and the WFES Front Office for all their work and organization.

You have put warmth, smiles, and happiness into so many of our families' holidays!!!

Whispering Wind Academy would like to wish all the families at Wildfire Elementary School a happy 2019!"

- Whispering Wind Academy

Kindergarten Students Visit the MIM

Big picture

Upcoming Events

a picture of a flyer for WFES Kindergarten Round-Up on February 4th, from 5 - 6 PM.

Kindergarten Round-Up

Monday, Feb. 4th, 5-6pm

3997 East Lockwood Drive

Phoenix, AZ

Join us for our Kindergarten Round-Up Celebration!

Come meet the best kindergarten staff in the entire Paradise Valley Unified School District. See the classrooms and learn why Wildfire Elementary School is the best place for your future kindergarten student to begin their education journey!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

PV STEAM Celebration!

Saturday, Jan. 26th, 11am-2pm

3950 East Bell Road

Phoenix, AZ

Join us to celebrate the innovative STEAM activities that happen every day at PVSchools!

  • 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.: STEM demonstrations, art displays, live musical performances, business, and industry displays, PV Science and Engineering Fair Open House
  • 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.: PV Science and Engineering Fair Awards
  • Live Music
  • Business and Industry Expo
  • Rubik's Cube Competition - Register for the Rubik's Cube Competition Here

9th annual PV Schools 5K Community Run/Walkathon

Saturday, Feb. 9th, 9am

5601 East Greenway Road

Scottsdale, AZ

To register for the 5K Run, go to ity5KFunRunWalk When you are logged on, search for race and type in:PVSchools Community 5K Fun Run. This will take you right to our page. Be sure to choose "Wildfire" on the registration. You can also go to Wildfire's homepage and you will see a link to register. Registration ends January 13, 2019.

Cost: $10 Adults; $5 ages 11 -19; Free ages 10 & under but be sure to register them so you can choose a t-shirt size (waiver must be signed and must have parental supervision - can't just drop them off). NO REFUNDS will be given.

For safety reasons, no pets will be allowed.

WFES Staff Recognition

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On the Calendar

Important Upcoming Dates

  • School Wide STEM Day - January 15th
  • Early Release Day - January 15th
  • 6th-Grade Students Travel to Explorer Middle School - January 16th
  • Class Picture Day - January 17th
  • PV Pre-School Universe - January 17th
  • District Spelling Bee - January 18th
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School - January 21st
  • State of the District at PV Board Meeting - January 24
  • PTO Bingo Night - January 25th
  • Box Top Collection - January 25th
  • Parent Teacher Conferences - January 28th - February 1st
  • Early Dismissal (Conferences) - January 31st
  • Early Dismissal (Conferences) - February 1st
  • Kindergarten Round-Up - February 4th

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