Victim or Hero?

Gladiator History

The first gladiators were three slaves forced to fight to the death to honor a deceased relative. But soon the emporor started public gladiatorial games and the wealthy used them to show their power and influence in the community. Slaves, criminals, condemned men, and bankrupt romans all could end up in the arena.


Some people explain gladiators heroes and I never understood why. Now, while researching, I finally found the reasons. The first thing that I found was how graffiti and posters of famous gladiators were unearthed in Pompeii and Herculaneum depicting incredible fights. Another article tells how veteran gladiators would be begged to return to the arena for large amounts of money. The final reason I saw to support gladiators as heroes is the fact that when they talk about their profession they do so without shame, apology, or resentment.


Gladiators are categorized as victims of the slaughter-like fights in ancient Rome where two highly trained fighters fought to the death. The first fact to support this is because the emperors wanted blood to please the crowd, it was a gladiator's duty to die. My second fact is how trainers will threaten the gladiators because if the gladiators don't at least put up a good fight it makes the trainer look bad. The final information to support gladiators being victims is based on the faint glimmer of hope for freedom that the gladiators had and how cruel it was for them because only the greatest gladiators could reach it.
Gladiator Training

I Believe that Gladiators are Both Heroes and Victims

Heroes and Victims

I believe that gladistors were heroes and victims for a few reasons, some from text and the rest from common knoledge. They are all victims because are forced to either kill or to be killed for entertainment. Although, the famous gladiators are like heroes to the romans in much the same way as any great athelete in modern times is to us because they give us something to root for and something to strive to be. That is why I believe gladiators can be heroes and victims.