Sixth Grade Newsletter

May 1, 2016

Dear Parents,

The sixth graders will be taking the Math portion of the M-Step Test on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Tuesday May 3:

Part 1 before lunch (normal lunch recess)

Part 2 after lunch

Wednesday May 4:

Whole test will be completed in the morning

(normal lunch/recess/afternoon)

Dune Grass Harvesting Field Trip

Thursday May 5: Dune Grass Harvesting Field Trip

Mr. Hopkins Homeroom will be Harvesting Grass in the morning.

Mr. Hopkins Homeroom will board the bus at 9:15 and they will

work from 9:30-11:30. They will return to CES around 12:00

A Pizza Lunch will be provided to students for their hard work. Thank you to B.C. Pizza for donating all of the pizzas.

Mrs. Pott’s Homeroom will board a bus at 11:30. They will eat the pizza lunch before they begin working. They will then harvest grass from 12:00-2:30.

We have a large task ahead of us this day. We need to harvest 140 bundles of beach grass (500 grass chutes per bundle). I will be emphasizing to the students that we are out there to work. We have a fun field trip in the works, but this day is for service work.

Because this is such a big undertaking, we have been asked to bring parent volunteers with us for each shift. The goal was to have 6 parent volunteers for each homeroom to work the shift of their child’s homeroom. Please let Mrs. Pott know as soon as possible if you are able to help out at all.

We also need donations of snacks and drinks for this day. If you are able to donate drinks, chips, cookies, etc. please email or call Mrs. Pott.

( or 231-357-8878)

Art Show

Art Show is fast approaching. It is so exciting to see the building taken over with student art. Opening night is May 12th. If you would like to help with set up on the 10th or 11th, please give Mrs. Smith a call or email Thank you

NWEA Tests

The NWEA Tests are scheduled for May 10 and 11. Students will be taking the math and reading portions of the test this spring.


Students should have turned in their Poetry Anthologies on Friday. Many students were not finished, however, due to testing and other disruptions. They should plan to complete the assignment at home or in the Jungle Room during lunch recess.

Social Studies

We have finished up our unit on Population and Migration and will start our last unit on culture. We have taken a break from homework due to the MStep testing, but homework will resume next week!


Students will be taking the MSTEP for math this week. This will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will continue to work on understanding Volume and Surface Area of Polyhedra. Students will also spend some time working with fractions, decimals, and percents.


We will continue to work with the types of waves and how they are classified.



The last day for 5th and 6th grade tutoring will be Tuesday May 3.

Summer Math Tutoring with Mrs. Muladore- Mrs. Muladore will be offering summer math tutoring throughout the summer. Contact her at for more information!


Friday, May 6:

Track Meet in Petoskey beginning at 12:00, bus leaves at 10:45.


(Track students will be back in plenty of time to attend the dance. I know that some students have baseball games this night, but hopefully they could come for at least part of the dance.)

Dance is from 4:30-6:30 at RLEC building Cafeteria. Cost to get in is $4.00. Students will be prepped on what to wear, how to act/dance, etc. We will also have a raffle at the dance giving away various prizes.

(Scholarships are available for $4.00 entrance fee)

Mrs. Pott needs the following to help make this a success:

· Set Up Crew

· Chaperones

· Donations of Drinks and Snacks

· Clean Up Crew (with 3 or 4 of us we can be done in 20 minutes)

Please contact Mrs. Pott if you are able to help in anyway for this exciting event for the kids.

End of the Year Trip

On Thursday, June 2nd, the 6th grade class is planning a field trip to Northern Lights Recreation and The Petoskey State Park. Students will enjoy a fun day of bowling, laser tag, and fun at the park. The cost will be $10. More details to follow in the next few weeks.


Mrs. Pott's Class: Library/Tech

Mr. Hopkins' Class: Art


The Sixth Grade Team

Mrs. Garver 547-8166

Mr. Hopkins 547-8169

Mrs. Muladore 547-8186

Mrs. Pott 547-8177