Progress throughout the year



  • Achieve level 3 with merits + distinctions
  • Gain experience in other areas of retail
  • Achieve senior sales in whistles
  • Improve skills + presentation of work skills
  • Learn to drive
  • Improve cv
  • Create cover letter
  • Create and improve linkedin page
  • Apply for Level 4 course
  • Improve + develop in my new role - job

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Since setting my targets I have continued to work towards my targets and have made progress different areas. I have not yet my Level 3 course with merits and distinctions however I have made progress towards this and i hope to achieve this. I have improved my time management and completed the modules to the best of my ability so this will help me to achieve this goal. I have encountered some difficulties while working towards this target but i have received help from my class and tutors to help me to achieve this goal. I have gained experience in other areas of retail, this was during my work experience placement. I carried out a two week placement at Cath Kidston where i learnt visual merchandising and customer service skills. I also had a one week placement at whistles where i shadowed the management team and experienced what it takes to manage a team and the skills needed for this. I have also started a new job within a footwear retailer so i have gained experience it this area of retail as well as clothing. I gained new skills during this placement and developed on existing skills. I will continue to gain interest in different areas of retail and in different roles to continue to develop my skills. I worked towards Senior sales at Whistles and the skills and experience i gained during this, gave me the confidence to take a new role within another company. I left whistles before i achieved achieve sales, if i was going to do this again, i would have completed my senior sales training so i could gain as much experience and skills as possible. I have improved my CV and when applying for jobs, i received 90% offers for interviews for the jobs which i applied for. I achieved help from the internet, tutors and classmates to create my CV. I need to create a Cover Letter for when i wish to apply for jobs in the future. I have created a Linkedin page which has many details on, i have received many messages and requests. I believe this will be a good tool when i wish to change jobs in the future. I will have many connections which may be able to help. Also I have applied for a Level 4 course in buying and merchandising which will help me in the future.

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