Expectations & Lab Safety

How can we be prepared for class daily?

by bring a pencil to class (ig)

bring your journal (ab)

pay attention (em)

by bringing supplys to school (ds)

be prepared for labs (jt)

bring googles, lab coats and gloves to labs (sd)

How should we behave in class?

don't talk while the teacher is talking (ab)

use your manners (ig)

be prepared (awb)

don't break science equipment (jt)

do not touch lab equipment before the teacher instructions are given (sd)

call fellow learners by their given names

be courteous to others (jt)

do not run (jt)

follow class and school rules (sd)

How can we show respect to each other?

- by being nice (ig)

- use our inside voices (ig)

-share (em)

- don't throw things (ab)

-don't use electronic devices while the teacher is talking (ab)

-listen to each other (awb)

-help each other (sd)


Share your thoughts of how we should behave in the lab.

LAB SAFETY Video - I Think School.com
AGHS Lab Safety Rap

Safety Contract

Please remember to take home the safety contracts. You AND your parent(s) will sign then return back to me by this Friday. If I don't receive your contract, you will not be able to participate in labs.