2015 in Review

The Best and Worst of This Year


One of the companies that marketed the best in 2015 is Google. They had a lot of interesting T.V. commercials that caught your attention. On Samsung phones, they have the "Ok Google" thing which takes users to Google whenever they say that.

Another company that marketed well was Apple. They came out with many new and useful products over the year. They promoted themselves very well and wherever you go, you see something with the Apple logo.

Fit Bit's became very popular this year. A Fit Bit is a bracelet you wear that tracks your steps, heart rate, sleep schedule, and much more. Many people have them and all major stores sell them. They are very useful so I think that is why they became so popular.

Best and Worst Products of 2015

I think one of the best products of 2015 was the new IPhone 6s. It has some really amazing features on it that are very useful. Another great product of 2015 was the adult coloring books. They are such fun to do and they are so intricate that you could spend hours working on one page.

One of the worst products of 2015 was the hover board. They are a lot of fun to ride on but they are really dangerous and you never know when it is going to blow up while charging. Another bad product of 2015 was the selfie stick. Again, its fun to use at first but then you just realize how stupid it is and you could just have someone take a picture for you.

Top Movies of 2015

One of the best movies of 2015 was Fast and Furious 7. This movie was marketed so much and every where you went you either saw something with the movie cover or you heard people talking about it. Another one of the best movies in 2015 was The Hunger Games. People waited for this movie for a year because the first half of it left you in suspense so it didn't need very much marketing. That didn't stop them from doing it though, posters and commercials were all talking about the new Hunger Games movie all year.
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Best Music Artists of 2015

I think the two best music artists of 2015 were Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. They both came out with new albums this year that did very well on the ITunes charts. Justin Bieber announced an upcoming tour for 2016 and did a lot of performances promoting his new album. The Weeknd had a world tour that did amazingly well and he too did many other performances that promoted his album.

2015 Top 10 List

1. Amazon Echo

2. Apple Watch

3. ResearchKit

4. Samsung Galaxy S6

5. LG G4


Goals for 2016

Personal Improvement: I want to improve how I manage my time. I am very busy so I don't have much time for homework until late at night but I want to learn how to find time to do it earlier than 11pm.

Family and Friends: This year I want to treat my family/friends like they should be treated. Sometimes when I am stressed out or in a rush, I will be rude to my closest friends and family and I need to learn to be nice even if I'm stressed out.

School and Outside World: This year for dance, my goal is to start really focusing and not goofing off at dance. My friends and I talk a lot at dance and it interrupts the teacher so I'm going to try my best not to talk as much when the teacher is talking.