Rachel Freeman

School of Engineering

May Edition

Important Upcoming Dates:

May 6 - 10: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8: Interim Reports sent home

May 17: 5th grade science EOG

May 21: 3rd - 5th grade reading EOG

May 22: 3rd - 5th grade math EOG

May 27: No School - Memorial Day

Reading Activities for home:

PreK - 2nd grade: After reading one of your child's favorite books have them pick out one of the characters. Draw a picture of the character and then write 5 words that describe the character.

3rd - 5th grade: Have your child read one of their favorite books. Then choose one of the characters. Draw a picture of the character and write 3 sentences describing the character based on what they say and do within the story.

Math Activities for home:

PreK - 2nd grade: Counting Change

When your child is not looking, take a few coins (two or three) from your pocket or wallet and add them up. Then tell your child how many coins you are holding, as well as their total value, and invite your child to name the coins. (For example, “I have two coins worth fifteen cents. What could they be?”)

3rd - 5th grade: Time

Help your student create a daily schedule for themselves. Make sure they label the amount of time they are doing to spend doing different activities.

AIG tip: Use everything around you to teach your child. Anything from cereal boxes to street signs are conversation starters. Make each moment with your child count. Tell them how you think and process information.