I Used to Think...

Part Four- Cultures of Thinking and SSW Practice Blog

I used to think Cultures of Thinking was just for teachers, and now I think it fits perfect into my school social work practice.

With the new calendar year upon us, it is often a time of reflection. What did I do last year that I want to change? (Stop using the elliptical machine as a clothing rack and use it for exercising.) What worked for me last year? (Turning the radio off in the car for the last 5 minutes of my commute to and from school.) Reflection gives us insight and helps to shape our future. As social workers we often want our students and colleagues to reflect on school concerns. We guide discussions at staff meeting that address challenging issues, and we help students see their role in the event that lead them to a seat in your office. The language of social work and our active listening builds both skills and bridges to assist staff, parents, and students maneuver successfully through life. But at the end of our time together, whether brief or on-going, we want them to reflect on the conversations.

Here's how it works:

Jennifer Hollander, LMSW

Jennifer has over 23 years experience as a school social worker and is currently employed by the Huron Valley School District. She has facilitated Cultures of Thinking Presentations in her district and at the MASSW State Conference. She is currently receiving advanced training in CoT with the founder/author of the model.

(1) (1) Weird, Dare, Tough book series, (theweirdseries.com)