Keep Our Hives Alive

In response to the disturbing decrease of the bee population

Where are the bees going?

The honey bees are suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder, a symptom of a disintegrating environment. In a hive with CCD, there are very few adult honey bees present in the hive, but with a live queen, and no dead honey bees present.
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Why Should You Care?

  • Approximately one in three bites of food of the average meal is directly or indirectly affected by bee pollination.
  • If the honey bees were to go extinct, food prices would skyrocket.

What Can You Do?

  • Support local farms
  • Grow plants that promote pollination
  • Help set up more bee sanctuaries away from pesticides and make sure bee colonies are safe
  • Set up a small area in a sanction or a local area with bee pollinator plants, or start our own garden/community which will be taken care of by us and passionate volunteers.