What kind of leader are you?

What is a leader?

Someone with leadership is someone that is a good example. They know how to guide people in a way that makes everyone sucessful. They devide tasks fairly and play to everyone strengths. They have qualities like responsibility, honesty, confidence, creativity, and modesty.

3 Types of Leaders

You may not know that there is more than one type of leader. The 3 types of leaders are authoritan, democratic and Laissez-Faire. Authoritan leaders are sometimes considered bossy. They like to lead by making and clear definition between leader and follower. Democratic leaders like to include the whole group in their decision. They accept guidance and want group participation in the idea making. Democratic leaders are the most effective type of leaders. The last type of leader is Laissez-Faire. The Laissez-Faire leaders are the leaders that delegate the tasks evenly. They are typically the least effective and motivated type of leader.

Personality and Leadership

So how does your personality affect the type of leader you are? You personality can play a big role in the type of leader you are. For example, If you are extroverted you are more likely to want to talk problems out with people which likely makes you a democratic leader. Whereas if you are introverted you may be a Laissez-Faire type of leader. However, this is not necessarily always true. It is very possible that your personality type totally contradicts the type of leader you are.

What did this mean to me?

Throughout the course of this project I have learned so many things about myself. I learned my personality type is introversion intuition thinking judgement (INTJ). I have also learned that I am a democratic leader. I have been able to realize the specific events that changed my life and that not all of them are positive. I am now able to tell that my personal leaders are my parents and that not all leaders have a good cause. One really god example that someone pointed out to me was Hitler. Hitler's "perfect world" wasn't so perfect but e was able to convince a whole lot of people that it was and that takes good leadership.

This Was Made By Zara T.