Teacher Resources for Fair Use

When "educational purposes" doesn't cut it

What fair use policy isn't

- it isn't a set of antiquated copyright laws that don't apply to educational settings

- it isn't something that can be neglected in the name of "educational purposes"

- it isn't something that goes away simply by citing information in MLA format

- it isn't something that can be ignored, especially in an educational culture of world-wide publishing

What Fair Use Policy Is

- it is a VERY complex, often vague set of rules that governs the use of all produced information

- this includes video, images, artwork, written work, and just about any other type of information you can think of

- it is something being monitored and teachers are being held more and more accountable for following the law

- it is expensive if you mess it up!

Resources for Teachers: Learn About Fair Use

Resources for Teachers and Students: How do you do it right?

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When in doub't DON'T use it!

Sure, it's inconvenient and likely a much bigger hassle than what you want to deal with today. Nevertheless, it's the law and, with a little forethought, you can probably get what you need. We want to provide a progressive education to enhance the global community? Then we need to stop allowing ourselves and our students to use information illegally.

What else can I do?