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November Lowell Art Studio Updates

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K artists learned about mosaics and repetition at the beginning of October and looked at work by the painter Alma Thomas. Then, they studied different lines and created both 2D and 3D line projects. Students have now started learning about the primary colors and are exploring the colors that red, yellow, and blue make when mixed in different combinations.

First Grade:

Grade 1 artists completed warm and cool color hopes/dreams clouds/mosaic projects inspired by the artist Alma Thomas. Students then studied how to mix dark and light paint colors. After learning about color, also reviewed line types and have been practicing fine motor control with painting, drawing, and even 3D lines. Students are now reviewing primary and secondary colors and will apply their knowledge to some line projects.

Second Grade:

Grade 2 artists also completed warm and cool color hopes/dreams clouds. After this, students learned how to create different textures with paint, creating painted paper, which they have added into their mixed media landscape projects. After studying different kinds of landforms and landscape details, students have been creating their own landscapes. Students have been especially inspired by Chilean Arpilleras, which are patchwork pictures often of landscapes and images from everyday life.

Third Grade:

Grade 3 artists completed their mixed-media landscapes in which they identified the foreground, middle-ground, and background. Then, students dove into a design challenge in which they studied how to create radial symmetry with shapes. Students worked in teams to practice this skill and then created individual radial symmetry collages. In finishing these up, students were asked to focus on including a variety of shape sizes and complementary colors in order to show contrast.

Fourth Grade:

Grade 4 artists completed projects inspired by the principle of design "movement". Students created stencil cut outs of their favorite athletes and then used dot markers to create a design showing movement. Then, students have been working on skill-building and fine motor control, practice cutting out different line types. This will help students with an upcoming big project inspired by Kirigami - the Japanese art of paper cutting and folding.

Fifth Grade:

Grade 5 artists completed some intricate 3D name paper sculptures inspired by different font styles as well as their own personalities. Now, students are beginning an in-depth study of color using the color wheel. Students are practicing creating secondary and analogous colors, which will help them with an upcoming project.


Art can get messy! It might be best to make sure your student(s) do not wear their very best clothing on art days. I will be mindful of picture days or special event days in planning curriculum. See below for your student's art day!
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