Rockin' & Moroccan News

Written by: Jacie Painter

A little about Morocco

Slightly larger than California Morocco is a very beautiful location. Morocco is placed between two very large oceans, the Atlantic and the Mediterainian sea. Morocco is filled with fertile land, which is great for growing crops. Morocco was first populated in A.D. 600s. Today Morocco is a constitutional monarchy.

What's rockin in Morocco.


Embargo is the restriction to trade. Embargo means that you cannot trade with certain places. Embargoes may be placed when to much trading is being done. Embargoes also may be put in place when people are trading insane amounts of goods. Embargoes effected and continue effect the country today, because when people need something they often trade, this effects the whole region.
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Who were the Berbers?

The Berbers were the first people to live in North Africa. The Berbers were often framers and lived in the desert. Berbers liked life in North Africa because of surrounding rivers.

Three of Egyptian crops?

Three of egypts crops are sugar cane, which is a plant used to make sugar. Grain which is used in cereals and many other foods. Vegetables which are used in dips, deserts and more. Fruit which is used in deserts and for eating purposes, as well as cotton used for clothing.


Desalinization is the process of making sea water drinkable. Seawater is a large thing in areas in this place. Especially Morocco which is surrounded by water. People can't drink the dirty water so this process fixes a lot of problems.

positjves and negatives of Aswan dam

The Aswan dam controls the flood waters from destroying the land. The Aswan dam also prevents freshwater from reaching the delta. This is both a good and a bad thing. Many people love the dam, but many hate it.
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