Principal's Update

September 25, 2020

Above All Else, Love One Another (1 Peter 4:8)

Saints Community,

The new school year is off to an incredible start! Students are meeting new classmates and teachers, establishing their routines for remote learning, and getting back into academic study. Our teachers are getting to know their new students, putting new skills into practice using technology, and are excited for the new school year. God is so good, He continues to provide for our school commuity and gives us the strength to move forward through all life presents us.

Please take some time to review the items included in this newsletter. It will be my intention to send a newsletter bi-monthly, everyother week on Friday. Please be attentive also to teacher and office emails as we communicate the daily business of the school and classroom.

Giving Him all the glory for the good things He is doing.


Mrs. James

School Updates

  • K-3 students will return to on-site instruction beginning Sept. 28. An email was sent out to all parents explaining this decision and plan.
  • We are watching Oregon and Clackamas County COVID metrics (SEE HERE). It is important to be aware that this data directly correlates to students being on-site or having to do distance learning.
  • We continue to abide by ODE and OHA guidelines as outlined in our Operational Blueprint for re-entry.
  • Office hours are returning to 8 am - 4 pm.
  • We still have some Chromebooks available for those that need them for Remote Learning.
  • We have room in our preschool program for children ages 3-5, as well as in a few of our elementary grades. Please share about our school with your contacts and direct them to our office for information and registration. Questions should be directed to McKenzie Falotico at

K-3 Information for On-Site Instruction

  • Teachers will meet the students at the designated entry points at 8:15 am. Students will meet their teacher at the front playground gate, look for the teacher holding up a card with the matching grade level.
  • All students will be dismissed from the front playground gate at 2:30 pm, where a hand off from the teacher to parents will occur. Please park your car in the school or Winco lot, then come to the pick up area at the gate of the front playground.
  • We will begin carpool lane pick up on the second day, Tuesday, for those who desire to use this process. More information and car numbers will be sent home Monday to explain.
  • EDP will not be available until further notice.
  • Please plan to pack your child a lunch from home.
  • Students and staff must wear a face covering (i.e. face shield, homemade or purchased mask or gator) when inside the building, except for when eating and drinking.
  • Students should bring their school supplies (including all NCCS Chromebooks, school books and learning materials) with them on the first day.
  • Please have your child view this fun video made by our own music teacher, Mrs. Steele, and her husband.
  • Reminder, all adults must enter school property through the office entry. As a temporary rule, only staff are allowed at this time to enter classrooms and hallways.

Curriculum Pick Up & Drop Off Days

GRADES 4-12: Beginning on Monday, Oct. 5, and every other Monday to follow, our plan is to have parents come to the school to drop off and pick up curriculum as determined by each teacher. Teachers will communicate what is to be returned or picked up on these days. Generally speaking, you can expect every student will have something to pick up and/or return to a teacher.

We will use a sign up system for these days, with a specific time (between 10 am and 3 pm) in which a parent will select to come by the school. The link to the first sign up will be emailed to parents on Oct. 1. If you need assistance in this process, please contact the teacher or the office.

Success at Home for Remote Learning

Parents, we are asking for your attention to these points to ensure that your student has the best possible remote learning experience. Please consider the following:

  • The expectation is that students present themselves as ready to learn, as expected on campus.

  • If in a MICRO-cohort, the size of the group should be limited (3-5 at most). Too large of a group creates distractions, greater risk of Covid spread, slower wifi connection in a home, and other issues that impact teacher/student connection.

  • All students must use individual laptops/computers, not phones, to do all school work and to participate in the live school sessions. Headphones (with a mic) are necessary as well.

  • Set up a student sized table/desk and chair. The chair should be stable and comfortable, fitting the student well. Students should not be on or in a bed.

  • If possible, don't set up a workspace in a bedroom, but in an area that is visible to an adult and away from the TV or other distractions. It may be necessary to have their back toward a wall so that any activity in the background would not be distracting to the student or others who are online with them.

  • Parents, please do not interrupt the Meet where then the student's attention is pulled away from the teacher and instruction. Consider looking at the schedule for an appropriate time to talk, either to the student or the teacher.

  • Students should be dressed according to the school Expectations for Appearance. Please ensure that others in view (at home) are also appropriately dressed.

  • Organize all needed supplies to be kept in the workspace. See that the student has the grade level supplies, as well as the provided textbooks or class resources.

  • Ensure easy set up of technology, with a powersource/charger nearby and adequate surface space for the computer and other materials needed during study time.

  • Provide adequate light, fresh air, and a pleasant environment.

  • Check the internet ability in your home to ensure a strong signal. Don't forget to factor in others in the home that will be using the internet at the same time. We have had to do this also at the school. With many online at the same time, quality internet connection can become an issue.

  • Have your child choose easy to eat healthy snacks to have available for break times.

  • Encourage your child to connect with peers for healthy social development. Consider small groups with play dates, bike rides, outdoor games, etc...

UPDATED: 2020-21 One Page Calendar

Changes have been made in the calendar, due to the delay in starting the school year as originally scheduled. This calendar is subject to updates by administration, please refer to the one on the Family Portal for the most up to date information.

RenWeb Login Assistance

RenWeb is the school information system where student and family information is stored. Grades, communications, tuition, health and enrollment information is managed from this system as well.

NCCS Expectations for Appearance

When students are participating in school activities, whether through remote learning (during class time) or in person on campus, the expectations for appearance must be followed. Please review this with your child.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 28 K-3 Begin On-Site Instruction, 8:15 am- 2:30 pm

Oct. 1-29 MAP Testing (by appointment, on-site)

Oct. 5 Curriculum Pick Up/Drop Off (4th-12 grade), 10 am-3 pm

Oct. 9 No School, Teacher Inservice

Oct. 12 No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences

North Clackamas Christian School

Please reach out to us should you have questions or need assistance.

Superintendent/Principal: Sherri James (Ext 101)

Office Manager: McKenzie Falotico (Ext 100)

Dean of Students: Carmen Moore (Ext 214)

Business Office Manager: Emily Clark (Ext 202)