Glenda's Life

Glenda Ivania Montesinos Rodriguez

ME (:

I'm niceeee.

Sandra Elizabeth

That's my mother, shes short like me, shes lighter than me, and i would have a picture of her but she hates pictures. I would describe her as a really hard worker and a sweetheart. She loves roses, and likes to cook , shes a great cook.

Olga Yohana

Olga is my older sister. She moved a year and a half ago to go to college. She goes to Arts Institute of Houston she studies culinary arts, she loves to cook and she cooks very good, she learned from my mom(: I think my sister is so nice but she can also get really mean when shes upset, but i love her. My Mom and her are the most important people in my life(:

Favorite Memory

When i got my kitty! i had a dog and we took him to the vet, and on the wall said "free baby kittens" so i called the number met up at target and got my kitty, he was potty trained and so cute! i never named him, just called him kitty.
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Favorite Hobby is, cutting hair .