Ryan Strick

General Information

Wind is the perceptible natural movement of the air,especially in the form of a current of air blowing from a particular direction.Winds are caused by the difference in air pressure due to unequal heating.Two different types of these winds are local winds and global winds.

Local Winds

Local winds are small scale winds that acure in a small area that are caused by unequal temperatures.They are caused when the convection currents are set off by the unequal heating of the earths surface.There are two types of local winds called sea and land breezes,lets talk about them.

A land breeze blows from the ocean towards the land using the type of currents called convection currents with the maximum heating of the sun.

A sea breeze is really the opposite breezes.They are still caused by convection currents that are set off by heat from the sun.But the breeze flows from the land out toward the sea.

Global Winds

Global Winds are prevailing wind patterns that blow in different directions across the Earth. Global Winds are created when an unusual amount of heat is directed in a huge area between the equator and poles then creating convection currents when a it sets off a lot of convection currents it thus creates Global Winds.Now lets talk about Doldrums and Horse Latitudes.

Doldrums are a type of Global wind that appears in the Atlantic Ocean.Doldrums has calms,storms and light winds.The doldrums are located near but not exactly close to the equator.Horse Latitudes are belts of calm winds that are located in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.They are found between two other types of Global winds called Trade Winds and Westerlies.

Global Winds Continued..........

Trade Winds are winds that blow towards the equator from the northeast ,northern south- -east or southern Hemisphere.Sometimes people use these winds to gain speed toward other parts of the world in ships for trading.They are separated into two belts blowing toward the equator.

Prevailing Westerlies are winds in the middle of latitudes that blow from cold areas of the polar regions and the are appear to be weak and irregular.Also they blow through wind belts at 60 degrees North and 60 degrees South and then finally reaching there opposite poles.

Jet Streams are narrow,bunch of air westerly winds that flow in one big current that circles the Earth.They flow north and south traveling in a winding pattern and sometimes they can break away from the direct path.Also they have a high influence on climate,can push masses of air around and can affect weather problems.