Genius project proposal

making animated videos

movie making

Have you ever wanted to make a cartoon movie like on TV? Well I have too. Making a animated movie is really fun to do. Plus, if you like drawing, that's one of the steps of making a movie... drawing characters! For example, you could draw Mickey Mouse. But, it takes time to make one. But, here are some steps to make one.

step 1

first, think of a setting. Think of all the characters you want in it. For example,


step 2

I found this cool website called PowToon. All you need to do is make an account, log on, and press "start."

step 3

start editing you video. Make the title, put the action pictures or put a picture to your picture folder, and press the button that looks like a picture.

your finished!

once your done, play the video to see if it's OK. Then press the "save" button and your done!"