Green Day

by Kirenan Day

green day is still famous today

They have made a bunch of songs and one was a c d that was named international hits.
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Billy Joe Armstrong,Mike Dirnt,and Tre Cool won the american music award 3 times

and 11 nominations.

Green Days Origins

They first started playing in the band in Vallejo California they played in 1978 and the 90's.They also started as a pop punk band and later they became green day they also did most of this by signing with a big record company.

Green Day accomlishments

They won three american awards and 17 bammy awards and got nominated 11 times in the American awards and 17 times in the bammy awards.

Green Day's Interesting Facts

they were touring nationally and inked a major record company to lead early in there musical career.Armstrong and dirnt were just 15 at the time. green day got its start in 1987 at the DIY arts venue and club in Berkeley California with drummer john Kiff Meyer. 2 years ago they went into redemption after 2013 when billy Joe Armstrong entered rehab.