News letter

Asia Taylor


I have 2 or 3 hobbies I really enjoy doing. I like playing music i only play Voilin and i play the violoa a littles bit. i've been playing music since 2nd grade. i get my music backround from my mother. One of my other hobbies are traing dogs. have One Dog hi is a chiwawa His name is snoopy. He Is still at his puppy stage but he really nice, and he is trained well for a chiwawa. and he doesnt bark that much ethier. My 3rd hobbie is cooking for any one I know I really don'nt know why i like doing this but it really helps me calm down. And thats what i do Almost every day. Family Info, i have 4 brothers and 1 sister. there names and ages are Antony 19, Micheal 17 Asia 15 Andrillis 14 Alexis 10. And i have a mother father and stepdad. My Father works at a soul food resturant. My mother is a nurse that works for a doctor. And my Step father works in the milatry. Thats why im in belton today But we are moving next month so that might be a good thing for me. My summer was really good i didnt do that much just with family and my dog but we traveled to va alot. thats it about me.