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This is a great tool to communicate and stay connected with each other. Here you will find upcoming events, news, and any requirements within the Migrant Education Program.

"The goal of the Migrant Education Program is to ensure that all migrant students reach challenging academic standards and graduate with a high school diploma (or complete a HSED) that prepares them for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment."

Updates & Reminders

  • Original COE's from other districts/regions should only be requested if the information within NGS is incorrect.
  • You will no longer send PFS monthly reports to your ESC specialist, continue to run each month and keep on file.
  • Student Progress Reviews will be filed on site only, however please have available if requested by the ESC or TEA.
  • Graduation Plans were to be entered on October 1st
  • LEP/EL must be entered by October 31st
  • Residency Verification must be completed by November 1st
  • P3's must have a PEIMS number and enrollment date in NGS, if receiving MEP funded services (ABB)
  • Run "Alternate Student ID Number" report to make sure ALL students have both Alt and PEIMS numbers in NGS
  • AMET Conference 2019 is on November 6-8th, hope to see you there!
  • Don't forget to sign up for the upcoming OSY training on November 14th!
  • We will have a NGS Training on November 21st, please sign up if you are new to the MEP and/or if you need a refresher course.
  • ALL Project Districts will send COEs to Lachelle
  • ALL SSA Districts will send COEs to Destiny
  • ALL OSY COEs will be sent to Jean Anne
  • ALL Non-Project districts continue to reach out to us at the ESC with any MEP questions and/or potential families.
  • We would love to come to your district's PAC meetings...send us an invite!
  • There is a new Texas MEP Agricultural Map, check it out below!

Texas MEP Agricultural Map

The purpose of the agricultural map is to provide a statewide list of crops, fish, livestock, and poultry for agricultural and fishing related purposes. Two of the key objectives in providing the agricultural map are to: 1) Aid in identification and recruitment efforts by helping to develop profiles and calendars reflecting major crops, seasons and hiring practices by regional employers, and 2) Foster and strengthen intra-regional networking.


What is Day of the Dead?

What is Day of the Dead? | National Geographic

Upcoming Events

AMET Conference

Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 8am to Friday, Nov. 8th, 8pm

San Antonio, TX, USA

San Antonio, TX

OSY Training

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 1-4pm

1111 West Loop 289

Lubbock, TX

We will have OSY updates and resources to share with you! You can register at the following link:


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

NGS Training

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 9am-4pm

1111 West Loop 289

Lubbock, TX

I encourage ALL of our new MEP staff to sign up for this training, as we go through each section of the manual. We will work through it on NGS as well. Please bring your 2019-2020 NGS Manual.


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

MEP Timeline and Processes

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Important Dates

  • Graduation Plans due by October 1st; graduation plans are for our 9-12th grade MEP students, and should be completed by your school counselor, and submitted into NGS by your NGS specialist.
  • Residency Verification due by November 1st; all students should have a residency verification within NGS.
  • All 3 year olds within the MEP program should have an enrollment date (PEIMS) and should be recieving MEP funded services (unless another program is offered by your district)
  • LEP/EL status should be entered by the last day of this month.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your MEP specialist!

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CAMP Day & College Fair 2019

Thank you all for a great CAMP day! We enjoyed having all of your students, parents, and staff with us to learn about the CAMP programs around us near and far. We heard many great things from our college fair and hope to hear about where our MEP students will be attending college in the future. We had over 120 in attendance along with 3 CAMP Universities and 12 local universities, colleges, academies, and military. It was a great day for everyone!

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LNA ToolKit Training 11/16/19

If you missed the training, please see slides below and the electronic toolkit. If you have further questions please send us an email!

PFS Monthly Reporting

Changes within PFS

  1. You will no longer scan and send monthly PFS Reports.
  2. You will no longer scan and send in Student Progress Reviews.
  3. PFS criteria now includes those students at the "approaching" level, and will be reflected within NGS.

From TEA...10/16/19

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Parent & Family Engagement Newsletter

General MEP Information

MEP Staff Resources

OSY-Out of School Youth Resources

Who is an OSY?

  • Under the age of 22
  • Has not graduated from high school
  • Works in agriculture
  • Moving around to work or with working guardians

If you have any questions, please reach out to our OSY specialist, Jean Anne Williams.

Non-Project Districts Resources

COE Resources

MEP Online Resources

We are here to serve you!

If you are needing assistance with ID&R, NGS, or any organizational ideas for your migrant program we would love to help. There are several components and updates within the migrant program which can sometimes feel overwhelming, our focus is always on the success of the students, please continue to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

The MEP Team

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