Parenting and A Plan!

Trust me, it works better than winging it...

Parenting Class at The Garrigan Lyman Group During Lunch!

Ask Yourself...

Do you find that "talking" to your child about behavior and expectations works some of the time, but mostly gets you both sidetracked or upset?

When you work to get your child out the door, to do homework, or to take care of responsibilities, do you find yourself "giving in" or "giving up" to move forward?

Does it seem at all odd that parenting is the one job for which there is no training?

The good news is, there exists reliable information related to parenting, useful strategies, and positive outcomes. At the core of this body of work, is understanding our own styles, how to use language effectively, and how to create connections between our children and ourselves in our own homes. It can be done!

Join Alison Bower, Parent Coach and Educational Consultant to learn practical parenting tools and language for raising resilient, self-reliant, and connected children...right in your very own home.

Learn and Lunch Positive Discipline Class with Alison Bower

  • Learn useful parenting techniques that are applicable immediately in your home and that suit your family's core values
  • Learn how you can begin using more effective communication now and for the long-term relationships you have with your children
  • FInd out more about how to continue your professional development for this very important job

Alison Bower and ParentsInMind Alison Bower is an experienced teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and certified parent educator. Through professional experience working in schools and with private clients, she has seen that children feel better, respect is built, and relationships are strengthened when there is proper parenting support. Come and see what it can feel like to have the tools you need to parent well.