Homelessness isn't a choice...crime

Make a change!

What is the most common reason for homeless?

The main reason of homelessness is seen to be from domestic violence. About 15% of the homeless is considered chronically homeless and this is seen to be from domestic violence. During this conflict the men are usually the perpetrators meaning they are the ones starting it or known as committing a crime. Did you know that over 90% of homeless women are victims of severe physical abuse. This is meaning that 9/10 women are homeless because of domestic violence. Don't you want to help?

What can you actually do to help?

Although it may seem like there is nothing you can do to help there actually is. To help the homeless you could do the following:

1) donate money

2) volunteer to work at homeless shelters

3) donate items

4) provide food

5) create jobs that they qualify for

There are many ways you can help the homeless and make a difference, so why not try now?