striped skunk

mephitis mephitis

The striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) is an omnivorous mammal of the skunk family Mephitidae. Found north of Mexico, it is one of the best-known mammals in Canada and the United States.[3]

eatting habits

Food and Feeding Behavior: The striped skunk is an opportunistic omnivore and eats both plant and animal foods. Insects of many species make up most of the diet than any other type of food. The larvae of moths and butterflies, beetles and their grubs, grasshoppers and crickets are favorites, and striped skunks consume great quantities of these and other invertebrates during the warm months of the year

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special adaptations

Skunks have glands underneath their tails (anal glands) from which they can spray a very toxic musk at predators. This adaptation has proven to be very useful in warding off predator attacks.

description of anaimal

The striped skunk has a black body with a white stripe along each side of its body; the two stripes join into a broader white area at the nape(neck)
Striped Skunk Digging in Backyard

interesting facts

The striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) gets its name from the Latin word "mephit" meaning "bad odor."