This Week in Our Schools


April 12, 2019

This Week in Our Schools allows parents and the community to take a peek inside our classrooms each week. Scroll down to see our students in action as they learn and grow as a Muskie! (*select an image to enlarge it)

Featured this week:

  • District-Wide Students: Muscatine-Japan Youth Exchange Program; 4th-5th Grade Art Exhibition at Muscatine Art Center; Bayer/6th Grade Ag Safety Day.
  • Colorado Elementary: Science Fair.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Wolf's Daily 3 Math Group; Mrs. Van Hemert's 4th Grade Class; Congrats Mrs. Riley!
  • Grant Elementary: Miss Holly's Preschool Class and Mrs. Brewer's Begindergarten Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Iowa AEA Online Databases; STEM Night; Miss Zitzow's 2nd Grade Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Pangburn's Kindergarten Class; Ms. Howell's Kindergarten Class.
  • Central Middle School: 6th Grade Superhero Avengers of the Week! Mr. Edkin's 8th Grade Robotics Class; Skittles Group Talks Yoga; Mrs. Schlawin's 7th Grade Poetry Students.
  • West Middle School: 6th Grade Math Bee Team.


Muscatine Japan Youth Exchange Program

The Muscatine Japan Youth Exchange Program students raised money for their program participating in a fundraiser at The Missipi Brew with a delicious bake sale too. Thanks to all who came out to support them!

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4th-5th Grade Art Exhibition at Muscatine Art Center

The Muscatine Art Center hosted an opening reception to kick off the 4th and 5th grade student exhibition. The exhibition will be on display until May 5th! Come and see our amazing and talented student artists!

Check out a sample of some of our student's work!

Colorado Elementary:
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Franklin Elementary:
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McKinley Elementary
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Bayer (Monsanto) and 6th Grade Ag Safety Day

Seventy-five bayer employees and 30 high school FFA members put on demonstrations for the district's 6th grade students focusing on safety and the agricultural setting.
Central Students at Ag Safety Day


Science Fair

Fifth Grade students participated in the community's science fair last Friday. Colorado has many budding scientists in its building!


Mrs. Wolf's Daily 3 Math Group

Mrs. Wolf’s daily 3 math groups worked with Mrs. Connor to increase student achievement in math! Students made place value robots and used technology to build foundational math skills. Students also practiced new geometry concepts.

Mrs. Van Hemert's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Van Hemert's fourth grade class at Franklin School is preparing for the annual bake sale for monies to be donated to MCSA. This is the 7th year that students have taken a leadership role in giving back to the community.
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Mrs. Riley Wins Excellence in Education Award!

Sandra Riley from Franklin Elementary School won the Excellence in Education Award! Congratulations, Mrs. Riley! Your recognition is well deserved!


Miss Holly's Preschool Class and Mrs. Brewer's Begindergarten Class

Miss Holly's preschool class and Mrs. Brewer's begindergarten class made parachutes during DEAL time!


Iowa AEA Online Databases

Fourth and fifth-grade students at Madison School learned about some of the incredible resources that are available to them for no cost thanks to the state of Iowa Area Education Agencies. The Iowa AEA Online Databases include resources for research, graphic arts, videos, electronic and audio books, technology tutorials, and much more. Students participated in a four corners game to determine which database would be the best to use in a particular situation.

You can find these resources at Contact your school's Teacher Librarian for usernames and passwords.

Madison STEM Night

Madison School held its first STEM Family Night this week. Families from across the district participated in fun and engaging activities with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Some of the sessions included learning more about static electricity, wind power, the chemistry of popcorn, the physics of roller coasters, engineering with big blue blocks, and exploring in the library Makerspace. Special thanks to the Iowa State Extension Office, Stanley Consultants, Musser Public Library, and Miss Muscatine, Madison Auge, for their participation!

Miss Zitzow's 2nd Grade Class

Miss Zitzow’s second grade at Madison has been learning about habitats. We have also been comparing and contrasting organisms that live in different habitats. In addition, we made our ten-day goal of perfect attendance so we had a pizza party! Way to go students! #alldayeveryday.


Mrs. Pangburn's Kindergarten Class

Our kindergarten classes are all hatching eggs. This week we welcomed “Farmer S” aka Mr. Schroeder to talk to us about chickens. He brought in some eggs, chicken feed, and even the mama hen who laid our eggs and the daddy rooster!

Our classes learned so much about these little chicks that will soon join our classrooms.

Ms. Howell's Kindergarten Class

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Howell's class at McKinley had a bowling trip to practice subtraction!


Central's 6th Grade Superhero Avengers of the Week!

Sixth Grade Superheroes of the Week for Central Middle School Avengers! Congratulations to these sixth grade superheroes!

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Mr. Edkin's 8th Grade Robotics II Students

8th grade students in Robotics II designed and built turntable bridges.

One student, Landon D., independently designed and built a freight elevator with 3 floors.
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Skittles with Mrs. Phelps

The “Skittles,” after school, junior-high school group at Central enjoyed a yoga class given at the high school with yoga instructor Mrs. Phelps. “Skittles,” is a girl's mentoring program.
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Mrs. Schlawin's 7th Grade Poetry Students

April is National Poetry Month! The 7th graders at CMS have been working on Blackout Poetry during their library time.
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6th Grade Math Bee Team

West's 6th grade Math Bee team participated in the 2019 6th Grade Regional Math Bee this week. Hadley H. came in 10th place as an individual competitor out of 124 students.