Tea Act: May 10, 1773

Tea for all

What is it?

  1. The Tea Act was the final straw in a series of unpopular policies and taxes imposed by Britain on her American colonies. The policy ignited a “powder keg” of opposition and resentment among American colonists and was the catalyst of the Boston Tea Party.


Tea Act

Political protest by the sons of liberty, in Boston, on December 16th 1773.

Boston Tea Party

Thursday, Dec. 16th 1773 at 9pm

Boston, MA, United States, North America

Boston, MA


Colonists in Philadelphia and New York turned the tea ships back to Britain. In Charleston the cargo was left to rot on the docks. In Boston the Royal Governor was stubborn & held the ships in port, where the colonists would not allow them to unload. Cargoes of tea filled the harbor, and the British ship's crews were stalled in Boston looking for work and often finding trouble. This situation led to the Boston Tea Party.