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YouTube Copyright School

Copyright Law and Fair Use

  • What is copyright?
Copyright means that a picture you draw, a story you wrote, or a song you came up with is yours. This means if you draw a picture of a dog then it is copyrighted, so no one can steal or use your special drawing. But this also means you can not use your friends drawing as your own and claim you drew it instead.

  • No No's of copyright.
If you had a toy and someone took it out of your hands you would be sad and angry that they took your toy right? This also means when you take a song without paying for it, it makes the artist sad and angry too. This is why you should never download a song without paying, always make sure you buy the CD or the song from the artist. If you just take a toy you can get into trouble, this is the same with taking songs or someone else's special drawing.

(Kindergarten Copyright, Rosemary Shaw)

  • Fair Use!
Use- It's ok to make cookies from scratch and sell them to make some money, but it's not ok to take cookies someone else baked and sell them to make money yourself.

Nature of Work- It's ok to tell other people facts. This means if you say my mommy is 30 years old that is a fact. You can also say there is an Aquarium at Fort Fisher but not be breaking copyright.

Amount Used- You can use parts of a song without buying it if you are doing a presentation, but not the whole song!

Effect of Use- Would you be able to make money off of what you copied from someone else? If you can that is a Copyright No No!

(Kindergarten Copyright, Rosemary Shaw)

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are caused by emails or clicking on links you may not know where they lead. The emails that have viruses are called Spam, they usually tell you that you have won a big prize like a iPhone or iPad. Do not click on these links! There are also flashy pictures on sites you may click that can give your computer a virus.

But there is also other kinds of safety too. There are strangers on the internet as well that just like if you were outside of school you should not talk to. Always tell a teacher if a stranger tries to contact you online or you accidentally click on an ad.

This brain pop will show us how to be safe on the internet and how computer viruses can spread.

Cyber or Internet Ethics

  • Downloading
You can get into big trouble for downloading something that is copyrighted from the internet without paying or the owners permission. If you do this you are breaking the law, and you don't want to do that!

  • Cyber-bullying
This means if you are talking to someone online and tease or are mean to them you can get into trouble. This is just as bad as being a bully in school and you know that is wrong too. If you are getting bullied online or in the school come tell a teacher immediately.

  • Punishment
Not following copyright, downloading without paying, and bullying can get you into big trouble! You can loose the right to get on the internet at school, get in trouble with the principal, and even get in trouble with the police.

Make sure that your following copyright rules and giving credit to who's work you are borrowing from that way you don't get in trouble.


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