BPS Library News

Update on new books and lessons for September


I am going to try to keep you informed about the new books and lessons going on in the library. I will try to get this newsletter out at the beginning of the month, but since it is a new year, I am a little late...

Lessons in the library this month:

I think it is important that classroom teachers know what books I am sharing in the library so that there is less repetition of books, but more reinforcement of ideas. If you have any additional ideas for library lessons, be sure to share them with me.

In September, Kindergarten and First Graders are both being introduced to folktales and their many variations by reading The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. In addition, we will talk about how it is okay to make mistakes by reading The Dot and Regina's Big Mistake. Kindergarteners will also learn about making patterns by looking at the patterns in books.

New books at the library this month:

Other information:

Just a reminder: please let the students bring their books into the library in their hands and not in a crate. It helps them realize their responsibility in returning their books.

Also, make sure the student go to the bathroom before they come to the library, since I have no bathroom in the library. They often get lost or distracted going down the hall by themselves.

New Books in the Library!

I will try to include pictures of the new books in the library below for you to e-browse. I will keep them on the shelf by the SmartBoard for a few weeks for teacher check-out before letting the students check them out.