Weekly Knight Notes

ENMS 8-23-13

8 Days In...

It is hard to believe that we have already been in session for 8 days. I have heard multiple people state how smooth the start of this school year has went. That comes back to you as teachers. You guys have done a great job of helping our 7th graders transition to the middle school and our 8th graders to a new school year. We have had very little locker issues, lost kids, or upset parents. I appreciate all of your hard work getting the school year off to such a great start.

FOR Club Fundraiser

Next Friday during lunch I somehow got talked into being duct tapped to the wall. Our FOR Club is wanting to do some fundraising this school year to help purchase anti-bullying items for our students. On the 30th students will have the chance to purchase a piece of duct tape for $1.00. They will write a put down that has been told to them in the past on the tape and then be able to use it to pin me to the wall. Should be fun! The FOR Club will be putting information on posters this upcoming week.

Upcoming Events


On Monday we will be discussing the RISE and our evaluation process for this upcoming school year.

Anti-Bully Program

Just a reminder that on Wednesday the 28th we will be going to the high school for our Anti-Bully Program. We will begin busing students a little before 9:00. Plan on being back to the middle school around 10:15. All staff will attend this program. Our guest speaker is Jerry Ackerman and you can find more information about him at: http://www.jerryackerman.net.

School Safety

I know it is difficult to remember to lock your doors at all times but please continue to do this. Bill and I have been trying to stay as quiet as possible when entering your classrooms and not distract the students


Bill and I have been trying to make it around to classrooms each day. These are very informal pop ins just to see how things are going and let kids know we are around at all times. I will try not to distract the kids too much but it's difficult at times :). I enjoy interacting/joking with them but will try not to do it during a lecture/instruction.

Picture Day

Smile Pretty! Picture day is next Tuesday the 27th. Staff pictures will begin at 7:15 in the library. We should have 3 photographers coming that day which will speed up the process. Mrs. Laur will be sending out a schedule for classes/teams to come down.