Throughout his poetry, Edgar Allen Po uses the following language styles to better enhance and increase the depth. By adding these devices in, the poems draw the reader in on a deeper scale, giving color to the words on the page. Each element compliments the overall theme and story as a whole.


Po incorporates rhyme in his poem to help the flow and structure compliment the piece as a whole. two examples of his rhyming are as follows:

"I stand amid the roar / Of a surf-tormented shore, / And I hold within my hand / Grains of the golden sand" ("A Dream Within A Dream" lines 12-15)

"In visions of the dark night / I have dreamed of joy departed- / But a walking dream of life and light / Hath left me broken-hearted" ("A Dream" lines 1-4)


Po incorporates figurative language to better enhance the detail and description of the topic he is covering. We see this in these examples:

"Came o'er me in the night, left behind / its image on my spirit- or the moon / Shone on my slumbers.." ("Dreams" lines 22-24) The use of personification to represent it leaving an image on the narrators spirit adds flavor to the writing.

"And I hold in my hand / Grains of the golden sand" ("A Dream Within A Dream" Lines14-15) The use of allusion by having the "Grains of golden sand" represent his dreams is a major key as a lot of the poem talks about the sand when its actually alluding to dreams.

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In all three of Edgar's poems, he implements syntactical style elements to better structure and organize the stanzas. The devices and styles included compliment the words and theme behind the poem itself.


Poe uses enjambment as a syntactical style in his poems. This is when the sentence or line runs into the next without using punctuation at the end of the line. We see this in the following stanza"

"Ah! what is not a dreamy day / To him whose eyes are cast / On things around him with a ray / Turned back upon the past?" ("A Dream" lines 5-8)

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Poe's three poems, "A Dream Within A Dream", "A Dream" and "Dreams" all connect in a deeper way than the more obvious fact that they all have to do with dreams and dreaming. They all three are formatted differently and cover different topics but they share a common theme: the aspiration for something they can't have. Each poem has a sense of longing throughout, like the narrator has a constant yearning for something beyond reach. Their dreams are so far fetched and they will do anything in their power to attain them. The same yearning we see when talking about dreams and goals makes the reader feel that pain and want alongside the narrator. Edgar does an amazing job of using language and syntax styles to enrich each individual piece to make it its own. While ensuring that each one is unique he also brings them all together with a common denominator and theme. The same overall message is conveyed in all three poems in order to wrap them all up together as one whole artwork.
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