In-spiring news September 2014

Breathing life into Purpose

I confess ~ I'm tired ...

As an authentic person, always true to me ... and to you, I have shared my ups and downs with you over the last few months. It is no secret that health wise I have been challenged "Tsunami Time" and that in turn, has thankfully led to major overhauls in both my mind and heart too.

I have learnt that there is loads of "stuff" I can no longer do "Super woman" style and more I need to do "gentler generation" style.

Fantastically I am learning "Michelle" style and with that many choices and changes have occurred and many opportunities are opening up for me, via sweet soul whispers in my mind I can now hear clearly.

I share this because I sense you are feeling tired too and that it is time to listen to those feeling waves.

Hopefully from my "Public Exhaustion Announcement" you are reading right now , you will realise that I wasnt struck down in a bolt of lightning for admitting "being less than" and neither shall you be.

Where does Tired come from in your mind? It could be resistance, boredom or lack of love for what one does. It could be restlessness or pretending for too long. It could just be that you are just tired .....of it all! And thats ok.

I chose not to continue burying my head in my, now completely flat, overused pillow and opened my Purpose tool box. I did some reflection and joy journaling to turn any of my resistance into acceptance and I wrote a list of all the ways I like to joyfully re-energize myself - This was great fun and can also be used as a self authenticity exercise.

I shared my list of fuel providing treasures further down the page. Its a good idea to have them written down so that when a "tiredness" hits you dont have to spend any further energy thinking about what makes you joyfully charged, you can just do it.

So next time you feel tired or your stress is turning up as extreme tension, grab your list of energizers, pick 1, maybe 2, to honour through gentle actions and in doing so receive the answers and strength you need to move onwards.... with purpose.

I give my mind a joyous vacation and express my authentic self

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Here is a list of some of my fuel providing Joy treasures

  • Taking a 20 minute siesta - The Europeans don't frown upon me !
  • Sitting outside for morning tea.
  • Getting creative - with anything involving images and colour.
  • Listening to "MY" type of music....... "aaaah Mom!!!!"
  • Silence - other than the chimes blowing in the wind or the birds chirping in their nests.
  • Being away from the house aka the constant "things to do and get" lists.
  • Being present with present people
  • Being served (and eating) great food - that I didn't prepare or worry about whether others will eat it or not!
  • Soft pashminas wrapped around my shoulders and green, lush grass entwined between my toes
  • and finally having no weekend plans ... and not feeling guilty about it either.

Time for you time !

Some of the events and workshops coming up soon that I would love you to be at.

Your Heart, Mind and Soul said they would definitely like to attend.

Ta - Dah !

def ; typically used to indicate an impressive entrance of Marilyn on a beach announcing that its Friday

....or in this instance, a dramatic revelation.

Need some In-spiration ?

You are someone.... who can inspire YOU!

Yes ! You are the only one who can create your own passion, joy and purposeful life.

However your Life purpose, although known by you, has through time and experience been stored away, lost amongst dusty boxes of beliefs and old suitcases of societal rules...

This is where Michelle can help you

Michelle, aka The Pathfinder, through her life passion and purpose, In-spire Coaching, can assist and guide you back onto your purposeful path, providing you with lots of tools and pondering moments along the way.

Its a roadtrip "Exploration de soi"

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