Whitford Newsletter

April 7, 2022

Principal's Message

Hello Whitford Families,

Whitford is beginning to feel a little bit more like normal as the students have returned from Spring Break. Due to the mask mandate being lifted, we have seen more faces with more student interactions at lunch. We have even seen some sun burns, which means people are starting to travel. To the delight of our students, we even opened Ga Ga Ball for the 7th and 8th graders at lunch which marks just over two full years since we were able to open this popular activity.

We understand that many in our community are still being cautious about COVID-19 as it continues to circulate. However, the numbers continue to drop and the spread is also decreasing. My hope is that COVID will fade into the distance, and we all learned a great deal about viruses, how they spread, and proper hygiene to keep yourself safe from other viruses.

I have been extremely proud of our students who support each other in their decision to wear, or not to wear, a mask while at school. The opportunity for bullying is certainly there, but as a school, we taught the students during a Zoom assembly that it’s an individual decision for students to continue wearing masks.

Unfortunately, while bullying around masking is not a concern, we are seeing more racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation slurs being used than in past years. From March and into May we will be delivering Advisory lessons to teach students the “why” behind many of the racial terms being heard and why they are so offensive. This comes from our lessons around microaggressions and implicit biases. This can be confusing for students, but our hope is to continue to teach our students how to be good citizens and not use such vulgar terms.

We start state testing the week of April 18th. Only about 12% of our students took the state test last year so it will feel like everyone’s first time experiencing state testing at the middle school level. In a nutshell, state testing is one single measurement to see how students are progressing compared to the standards. All educators are fully aware that scores will likely be lower than normal due to the COVID pandemic. We are working extremely hard to not only catch students up, but also teach them grade level standards required at each grade level. This will be a multiyear process as students are at varying levels of proficiency.

Finally, I want to give you an update on the Tualatin Valley Water Project. As you might have seen, there are more and more orange construction cones around Whitford and on parts of Scholls Ferry Rd., which will begin intermittent closures over the next few months. This has affected our busses the most, with some late drop-offs and several late busses after school. Our district planning team and School Resource Officers are aware of this project and will continue to monitor traffic and any slowdowns that are occurring. My only hope is that the bulk of the work in front of Whitford happens over the summer. Below is the most recent link to Water Project Update sent to us from Tualatin Valley Water.

Water Project Update (Once you click on the link, you will need to scroll down for the content)


Take care,

Brian Peerenboom, Principal

Lucky Duck Day March 17th

On March 17th, we had a lucky duck day. We randomly selected classes throughout the day on the 17th to win a pizza party, doughnut day, classroom supplies and even throw a pie in Ms. Melton's (Pacheco's) face. We are hoping to try another winning day in May.

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8th Grade Step Up is June 17th

Save the Date: 8th Grade Step Up is June 17th! The Whitford PTO and staff are looking for parents/guardians to help with the event planning.

Please join us for a Zoom meeting to discuss the celebration on Wednesday, April 13th at 7:00 PM. Mr. Peerenboom will be emailing out the ZOOM information.

Whitford Student Newspaper

Please click on the link below for the latest edition.


March Cool Coachmen Winners

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Students Put Their Work Through a Stress Test

Student's in Mr. Smiths CTE class worked making beams for their structural engineering unit. They made different beams and tested their efficiency by putting them in the stress tester to see how much force it to break them.
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Ms. Dearborn's Science Projects/ NWSE Science Fair

In Mrs. Dearborn's Summa Science classes, students were required to do independent science or engineering projects. Students worked for months on these projects. They presented them in class, and up to three projects in each science / engineering category were chosen to compete at the Beaverton District NWSE-Qualifying Science Fair, which was held virtually on March 11. During this event, students presented to judges with expertise in the students' chosen field of study. They were asked questions about their projects and given feedback by these judges. Projects were ranked according to an extensive set of criteria focused on the scientific / engineering process, demonstration of knowledge in the topic, creativity, and originality. The following students participated in this event:

Tchedre Ali-Napo 6th gr.

Liliana Aquino Arroyo 7th gr.

Arnav Arora 8th gr.

Akshara Ashok 7th gr.

Zane Lukas Barash 6th gr.

Evelyn Bickford 7th gr.

Chanithu Bodhipaksha 7th gr.

Reagan Burton 6th gr.

Erin Fintel 8th gr.

Alessandra George 6th gr.

Annalina Grotbeck 8th gr.

Ian Gustafson 6th gr.

Calvin Huang 7th gr.

Max Jewett 8th gr.

Anderson Jost 7th gr.

Phaedra Kalis 8th gr.

Emaad Khawaja 8th gr.

Yunah Kim 7th gr.

Ahrhan Lee 8th gr.

Julia Masini 7th gr.

Jacob Pettersson 7th gr.

Dante Rose 7th gr.

Izzy Shandy 8th gr.

Elizabeth Shen 7th gr.

Jeesoo Suh 7th gr.

Devin Wadkins 7th gr.

Ethan Welter 7th gr.

Jackson Wilde 7th gr.

Another Congratulations! to the winners of the District NWSE-Qualifying Science Fair! The following students were selected by the judge(s) in their scientific / engineering category to compete at the state level Northwest Regional Science Expo (NWSE)! Good luck to all these students! This fair takes place during the week of April 25.

Reagan Burton

Anderson Jost

Emaad Khawaja

Ethan Welter

Erin Fintel

Annalina Grotbeck

Dante Rose

Izzy Shandy

Chanithu Bodhipaksha

Liliana Aquino Arroyo

Phaedra Kalis

Akshara Ashok

Max Jewett

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Math Placement Test Information

In Beaverton School District, students are already on an accelerated math track. Our 6th and 7th grade math classes cover three years of math standards and 8th grade math classes cover high school math standards. Above you can see the math pathway for the vast majority of middle school students:

For a small number of students who have a high degree of proficiency in future learning targets, an adjustment to the math pathway may be appropriate. To help determine if a pathway adjustment is appropriate, your student can take a math placement test.

In order to change a student’s math course, the first step is to fill out the Single Subject Acceleration Request for Math form by April 15th. This site has more information on math placement testing and a large yellow box with links to the testing request form.

After completing the request form, someone from BSD will reach out to you via email to schedule a testing opportunity for your student soon after April 15th.

OHSU Test kits

Next week we do not have school on Thursday and Friday (4/14 and 4/15). We will be handing the kits out on TUESDAY APRIL 12th and collecting them on Wednesday APRIL 13th.

Ms. Conner's Literal Equations

Ms. Conner's Math class shows their name in a Literal Equations. A literal equation is an equation in which letters are used to replace coefficients and constants of another equation.
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6th Grade Outdoor School

6th Graders will have the opportunity to attend Outdoor School May 11-13.

So that we can plan accordingly and make sure the experience is a great one for all students, please complete the following items:

1. Due by April 8: Turn in the permission slip to your student's first period teacher.

English permission slip

Spanish permission slip

2.Due by April 8: Complete the confirmation form (tells us that your student is/is not attending, if they need a lunch, special dietary needs, if you are available to chaperone).
Outdoor School Confirmation Form English
Outdoor School Confirmation Form Spanish

3. Arrange transportation for your student to be picked up from Whitford at 6pm on the day they will attend camp Cedar Ridge.

4. Review the Outdoor School COVID Policies with your student. (see attachment)

5. Review the Outdoor School Behavior Expectations with your student.(see attachment)

WEB -- Where Everyone Belongs

We are excited to announce a new type of leadership program at Whitford Middle School. The program is called WEB and is currently seeking 7th graders to apply to be next year's crew of 8th grade leaders! If you have a 7th grade student who may be interested, watch and read below for more information.

WEB: Where Everybody Belongs Informational Video


WEB is a program that welcomes the 6th grade class on the first day of school and continues to support the 6th graders throughout their first year of middle school by pairing them with a WEB Leader. A WEB Leader is a person at school who is kind, responsible, acts as a positive role model, possesses leadership qualities, and, most importantly, has a desire to build a caring school community. Is that your child? If yes, please encourage them to apply.


Being a WEB Leader is an important responsibility that we hope both you and your student will take seriously. In order to build the most effective program possible, we have a series of mandatory dates that all WEB Leaders must attend and arrive to on time, in order to be in the program. Before applying, please ensure your student can attend ALL of the mandatory events. If Transporation is the only barrier to attending these events, please let us know on the application and we can make accommodations.

Mandatory WEB Events--Please confirm students can attend all dates before applying.

  • Thursday, May 26: Spring Play Day -- during school hours; students are responsible for completing missed work

  • Thursday, September 1: Training Day -- 9 am-2 pm students will need transportation to and from school

  • Friday, September 2: Training Day 2 -- 9 am-2 pm students will need transportation to and from school

  • Tuesday, September 6: First Day for 6th graders -- 8 am-3:50 pm students need transportation to and from school. If your student is a bus rider, they can take the bus home in the afternoon

How to Apply

Friday, April 8th during advisory, 7th grade students will learn about the WEB program. Applications will then be available on the WTMS All Grade 07 Students Canvas Page and through ParentSquare. Your student should fill out the application and then visit Mrs. Laing and Mrs. Dietrich in the library to introduce themselves. Applications are due by Thursday, April 14.

If you have any questions about the WEB program or the application process, please email Mary_Dietrich@beaverton.k12.or.us and Lindsay_Laing@beaverton.k12.or.us.

State Testing

All Whitford students will participate in Oregon Statewide Assessments during the months of April and May. These tests are given to all students in grades 6-8, and they provide valuable information on student progress toward graduation benchmarks. Please mark these dates on your calendar and make every effort to have students at school on these dates at 9:15 am.

We will have a special schedule each of these days with a 2-hour Advisory class in the morning to accommodate testing followed by 8 shortened periods (students will continue to attend all classes during these three days).

Wednesday, April 20 - English Language Arts

Thursday, April 21 - Math

Friday, April 22 - Math Problem Solving

The English Language Arts Writing assessment will be given during the Language Arts classes between April 25 - May 6, and the Science assessment will be given to 8th grade students only during this same window of time. Please check with your specific teacher to see when this test will be scheduled.


The yearbook is officially completed for the 2021-22 school year. Yearbooks are on sale

online through ParentVue for $15. There will be an in-person sales event in June. Stay tuned . .

Rompiendo Barreras (Breaking Barriers)

Grupo de Liderazgo de Padres

28 de abril por Zoom

6:00pm a 7:30pm

Información de Zoom: 250-194-4344 (contraseña - 397488)

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Walking and Rolling is Good for the Earth!

Walking and Rolling is Good for the Earth!

April is the month we celebrate Earth Day and one way you can help our planet and combat climate change is to replace car trips with active ones! 2 miles of driving = 1.6 lbs of carbon emissions. Think about local car trips that your family takes often. Maybe it is a trip to the park or a friend’s house. Map your route and try walking or biking instead. We often think places are farther than they seem. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your location and be amazed at what your body can do for you!

¡Caminar o andar sobre ruedas es bueno para el planeta tierra!

Abril es el mes en que celebramos el Día de la Tierra y una forma en que puede ayudar a nuestro planeta a combatir el cambio climático ¡es no usando su automóvil, y mejor caminar o andar en bicicleta! Conduciendo 2 millas = 1.6 libras de emisiones de carbono. Piense en el tiempo que su familia anda en automóvil localmente. Tal vez sea ir al parque o a la casa de un amigo. Trace su ruta e intente ir caminando o en bicicleta. A menudo pensamos que los lugares están más lejos de lo que parecen. ¡Tómese el tiempo suficiente para llegar al lugar y sorpréndase de lo que su cuerpo puede lograr!

Upcoming Events

4/7 6th Grade Choir Concert 7:00 PM

4/8 6th Grade ODS forms due

4/12 OSHU test kits go home

4/13 Collection of OHSU test kits

4/13 8th Grade Step up ZOOM planning Meeting 7PM

4/14 WEB applications due

4/14 Staff Development day NO SCHOOL

4/15 Grading day NO SCHOOL

4/19 Early Release 1:50 PM

4/20 State Testing all grades ELA 9:15-11:15

4/21 7/8 Spring Choir Concert

4/21 State Testing all grades MATH 9:15-11:15

4/22 Earth Day

4/22 State Testing all grade MATH Problem Solving 9:15-11:15

4/28 Breaking Barriers 6-7pm

5/5 Band and Jazz Concert 7PM

5/11-13 6th grade ODS

Crisis Informaiton

If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact 211 or one of the following resources:

Police non-emergency for crisis assistance: 503-629-0111

Washington Co Crisis Line: 503-291-9111

Washington Co Mental Health- https://www.co.washington.or.us/HHS/MentalHealth/

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Oregon YouthLine: 1-877-968-8491

Oregon YouthLine text: teen2teen to 839863

Oregon YouthLine: Chat via computer- www.oregonyouthline.org