Blind as a Bat



NYS Standards: 19. Math, Science, and Technology>>Elementary>>Standard4>>The Living Environment - Key Idea 1 (Living/Non-Living - Characteristics) Students describe the characteristics of living things. 23. Math, Science, and Technology>>Elementary>>Standard4>>The Living Environment - Key Idea 3 (Organisms - Change over time) Students describe how the structures of plants and animals compliment the environment of the plant or animal

NETS-T standards

Creativity and innovation


  • Students will know what Echolocation mean, and which animals use it.
  • Students will learn that bats use their heightened sense of hearing to navigate as they fly.
  • Within the unit on bats, students will become familiar with the way bats send forth a high pitched signal which send sound waves out, and then bouncing back to them, so that they can navigate through the night sky.


Students will learn about echolocation. Although the activity is on bats, we will learn about other animals who may use echolocation. We will turn the lights out in the classroom and use the Marco-Polo type style saying Echo and location in response. Afterwards we will line up and each child will go up to the smart board and circle with the smart pen if an anmale that uses echolocation.


students take a quiz on the characteristics of bats, including echo-location.


I used the Smart board technology because it is hand on and since the activity causes for the children to be out of their seats moving around, I though it will be best to keep them moving.