Domestic Violence

By: Brian Faust

My Action Step

I created a twitter for domestic violence, this twitter account will be sending out important information on domestic violence. I will have websites you can look at that provide really good information and also have a petition to sign which will raise awareness for domestic violence. if you want to see this twitter page follow me my twitter handle is @Domesti47110616


Make a change

My petition is going towards stopping domestic violence and it might not be sent anywhere to get someone to look at it but it is primarily for people to see, sign, and become more aware of domestic violence. I do not need to send it to someone to make a change, i can make a change by getting people to sign this and make a commitment to themselves that they will not abuse their spouse in any circumstance. i am taking action by having this petition out there for people to see and to understand the problem that is domestic violence. Here is the link to the petition if you want to sign it.