Juan Seguin

By: Santiago

Biographical facts

Juan was born in San Antonio of Oct. 27, 1806.When was young he baptized, and loved horses.juan was a very generous man, and every day he helped his mother run his mother run his fathers post office, and was also selected as the member of city council, and was elected as mayor.but sadly died in 1890.

Important characteristics

Juan was married to a beautiful girl named, Maria Gertrudias Flores, and had 10 children , 4 boys, and 6 girls.He also joined the Texas army, and was joined by Dr. John Suthland, but was forced to join the Mexican army.


One thing he kept doing over and over again, was returning to his father's ranch to help if needed.When Juan was a kid he always attended school and, always did his best.But when the Texas army lost, he kept trying to win the war.

Major Contributions

What of the most important contributions was bring freedom to Tx, and help texans.Also during the battle he proudly lead his men through the battle.When Juan joined the army he only did for one purpose, to help, and was determined to win during the battle.

5 important facts

*Help bring freedom*Do anything right when it was wrong*Help his family when they needed it most*Help people in need * Determined to win when he was outnumbered