Technology @ BVPS

A Proposal

Why is Technology Important to Student Learning?

Technology plays a major role in the lives of our students, but how can we help our students to use technology as a tool rather than a toy? How can we move forward with technology in the classroom? Why should we expand our use of technology in the classroom?

Why is 21st Century learning and teaching important?

Teachers need to prepare students for success in a dynamic, technology-intensive and increasingly connected 21st century world. Changes are affecting what we teach, how we teach, and how we assess student learning.

Teachers need to respond to these changes and equip students with the 21st century knowledge and skills they need today and for their futures by:

Engaging students as partners in their own learning

Engaging learners by increasing the capacity of technology used

To maximize student learning and achievement

Emphasizing and teaching important higher-order skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship

Did you Know? [Shift Happens 3.0] [HQ/HD]

21st century skills in the Classroom

21st century skills need to be taught and integrated across the current curriculum by providing students with engaging learning opportunities in authentic contexts

teachers need to foster students’ communication, collaboration, and problem solving skills

•teachers need to integrate technology and encourage innovative and creative thinking

•Students need to communicate both online and offline

•Students need to have the ability to use technology to research, organize, evaluate and communicate information


We need more technology in our school to meet the growing needs of our students.

Our technology proposal:

6 ipods for the kindergarten and early primary classes to be used as a centre (we also need the hard cases and charging station)

6 laptops to be used as a centre in the primary grades

6 laptops to be used as a 'top up' for our junior and intermediate classes