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The week of March 21st - 25th

Happy Friday,

Congratulations to Kaye! She has been nominated for the Superintendent's Service Award! Join us at the Service Award Dinner on April 7th to support her and see if she is one of the big winners! Fingers crossed! If you would like to join us, please let Rhonda know and pay for your ticket by Monday.

**Notice-Activity Room will be closed from Tuesday from Noon on through the rest of the week for Registration.

Don't forget to enjoy our new water filter in the lounge! It is the small faucet next to the regular faucet BUT it delivers delicious FILTERED water! Save the planet and money!

If you are interested in attending ETSI this summer, please complete the online application in the email I sent.

Coming soon:

Monday, March 21 SPED Mtg @ 3:30 (MPR)

Tuesday, March 22 Webinar-Classroom Management/Schmitt

Wednesday, March 23 PK Registration (Activity RM)

Wednesday, March 23 New Teacher/SLP @ 11:30 (MPR)

Thursday, March 24 PK Registration (Activity RM)

Friday, March 25 Good Friday - No School

Upcoming March Birthday Girls and Gaylon:

Coleen Referente March 27

Kelly Gonzales March 28

Gaylon Anderson March 30

Noorjahan Khan March 31

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Nikki, Thanks for stepping in always ~Elena
  • Thanks Emily for stepping up so much this week and going to Kroger for items we’re sharing within our suite! That was so helpful! ~Shauna
  • Thanks Elena for organizing the “worm lady” Ms. Erin to come visit! She was so great! ~Shauna
  • Thanks Bridgette and Bonnie Kahn for your help in setting up a brief ARD meeting really fast right before spring break! ~Shauna
  • Sarah, Always so creative and helpful ~Elena
  • Congrats to Elena and the Earth Worm visit. All the kids were excited and talking about them when I went to her room. This year Elena showed the earth worms under a microscope and showed them digesting their food and uhh … other things!~Gaylon
  • Jessica has been a HUGE support in my classroom. Thank you for all your help! ~Jennifer
  • Welcome, Sylvana! We are so happy to have you in our classroom!~Jennifer
  • Kelly, You have the best sensory ideas!!! ~Elena
  • Emmer, The most amazing mentor ~Elena
  • Welcome Sylvana to Neighborhood 4!!! Hope you had a great first week!! – Coleen
  • Neighborhood 4, thank you for all that you do!! I love having you on the team!! You make coming to work easier! - Coleen
  • Megan, Thank you for going above and beyond when helping subs!! ~Elena
  • Gantt, Thank you for your amazing cooking!! ~Elena
  • Thank you, Heather Schmitt, for stepping in to serve as a gen ed rep for an ARD last minute! You were a life saver!! –Brooke Johnson
  • Thank you, Karina Montoya, for being such an awesome TA and doing so much for our class behind the scenes and working with students. I appreciate you! –Brooke Johnson
  • D. Schuler, You are the best librarian who pulls books or kits for teachers!!! ~Elena
  • Coleen, Thank you so much for not only being an amazing coworker but also a friend that anyone can rely on and come to in any situation! -Marta
  • I want to thank Flor Santiago for everything she is doing to help our students, parents, and staff. You are appreciated! ~Desiree