December Newsletter

Ms. Theus's Class

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year


Please continue to practice reading and writing all of our past sounds at home as we move into our more difficult sounds. So far we have learned almost all the digraph sounds; ng, sh, ch, and both th sounds. This month we will move into learning the digraph sounds; wh, and ph. For comprehension we have been going over character, setting, and beginning, middle, and end of stories. We still are learning the main idea. While reading at home I encourage you to ask your student about main idea along with our other skills. As always there is a spelling test every Friday and I will grade them by Monday. In case you would like extra homework or reading just let me know and I am more than welcome to give it to you.

Social Studies

For the month of December we are taking a break on science and discussing social studies. In class we will be focusing on culture and embracing the many cultures in our classroom. We will spend time talking about the countries Japan, Africa, and Mexico. So if you have any artifacts that you feel would be great to add to our studies please come in and share.

The days before break we will briefly go over different winter holidays as well.


We are still working on nonfiction writing for the rest of the month. Your student choose a main idea that they are an expert about and they write all about books for those things. We are also really working on hand writing so please continue to work on that at home. We will be doing several new holiday topics as well.


We will continue to practice addition and subtraction WITHOUT regrouping. Starting next week we will be introducing graphing and tally marks. Your child will learn to analyze data, as well as create their own.

Please continue to practice addition and subtraction at home.

Additional information

December is a busy month so please keep your eye out for any events that is happening. I will be gone Friday December 11th because I will be graduating from my masters program. As always please contact me with any questions you may have. See you in 2016!!!

Thank you!


Ms. Theus