This week at a glance

Saint John the Baptist

April 9, 2018

Julie's Schedule

Monday- AM-SJS PM- Montini

Tuesday- AM-Montini PM- SJS

Wednesday- AM- Montini PM- SJS

Thursday- Montini All Day

Friday- AM- Play- PM- Visits at both

Rediscover Jesus

We will discuss Chapters 1- 6 at our staff meeting on Wednesday 4/11

Chastity and Safe Environment

If you need help with any students who may have opted out of the lessons please let me know. Please fill out your attendance sheets, in your mailboxes, and return to me by Friday!

Final Evaluations

Please give me a few date and time choices in the next few weeks so that I can complete evaluations. I will be using the Rockford forms for those of you who know how wonderful those are.