Welcome to Illinois!

Land and Economy

Illinois is the best place to live! The economy is always increasing because there are many businesses and jobs available in Illinois. Factories make machinery, plastic, transportation equipment, electronics, steel, paper, tires, tractors, and heavy equipment. The chemicals that are produced are used for making medicine and cosmetics. There are over 20,000 factories in Illinois. In the financial industry, people have jobs as financial brokers. Illinois is in the Mississippi Valley region. The flat rolling plains are a beautiful sight. The highest point is the Charles Mound. Camel Rock is a mountain. The bottom part of the state is flat land and the top of the state is filled with many of the businesses. The most important water way is the Mississippi River.

Culture and fun facts

The culture is a big part of Illinois. The sports teams are Chicago black Hawks, the Chicago Bulls, Bears, Cubs, and the White Sox. Chicago Loop District has many types of music, comedy, and clubs. At any of the 60 state parks you can swim, camp, boat and ride horses. Chicago’s field museum is a very important sight. The state bird of Illinois is the cardinal. The state capital is Springfield. The state mineral is fluorite. The state tree is the White Oak. The state fish is the Blue Gill. The state insect is the Monarch Butterfly. Illinois is the best place to live.

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