World Religions Project

Period 4


Christianity is a monotheistic religion that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament in the Bible. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and that he came to the Earth, died a human death and was resurrected, and will come again. Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, one God in three persons, coequal and coeternal.

Major holidays that Christians celebrate are Christmas, the celebration of the virgin birth of Christ, and Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Christ on the third day of his burial.

What is Christianity?


The followers of Judaism are Jewish. Judaism is a monotheistic faith and they follow the teachings of god in the Tanakh. Judaism was founded by Abraham and Moses. They believe that the purpose of life is to live in obedience of God and that fair in God is the only way to live eternally with God. Some major holidays that Jewish people celebrate are Purim, the celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire. Another major holiday is Hanukkah, an eight day celebration remembering the rededication of the Holy Temple during the Maccabean revolt.
What Is Judaism?


Hinduism is a polytheistic religion that originated from brahma ism in India four thousand years ago. Hindus believe that god is in many forms of gods and goddesses. They also believe that reincarnation is governed by karma, so basically, if you are good in life, then in your next life you will move up on a scale of classes they have and vice versa. Some of their sacred texts are the Vedas and Upanishads. A special holiday for Hindus is Diwali. During this five day celebration, Hindus pray to their goddess Lakshmi to bring them a good new year.

What is Hinduism: Pilot #1


Islam is a monotheistic religion followed by Muslims. They read the Quran which they believe is the word of god. They believe that god is very personal and everyone is close to him. Muslims also must follow the five pillars of Islam; testimony, prayer, alms giving, fasting and pilgrimage. Some of their major holidays are Ramadan , a cleansing of the body where you fast for up to a month from dawn until dusk.

What is Islam?


Buddhism is followed by Buddhists who do not believe in god. They pray and respect the Buddha Siddhartha Guatarma. They believe that he has found he path of enlightenment long ago and they follow his teachings. Yoga and meditation are a major part of this religion/way of life. An important holiday the Buddhists celebrate is elephant day. This is to celebrate having an older mentor to guide you along buddhism.

What is Buddhism - Buddhism classes