Mosque at Cordoba, Spain

The Legend of Spain

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Side view of the Mosque


The Mosque is in Cordoba, Spain. It is relatively close to the middle of town. The easiest way to reach the Mosque is on foot.
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In the Roman times, Cordoba, Spain had more cultural buildings then Rome had. It was the capital of Islamic Spain in 756BC-1031BC. In 27BC they were under the Emperor Augustus. The Mosque was built around the 10th century.
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The prayer hall in the Mosque is 23,400 square meters and is one of the largest places inside of it. It has many pillars large too small. It has very high ceilings and its inside has a type of gold texture to them. It has many colorful paintings and engravings on the inside. It is made of mostly stone material.
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Religions Worshipped by the Mosque

Christians, Islam's, and Muslims all worshiped the Mosque at one time or another. The religion that worshiped the Mosque for the longest time was the Christians. The Mosque was captured by a Christian Spaniard. When it was captured the Christians changed it into a Christian sanctuary also known as a "church". It is still currently (2012) occupied by a Christian religion but anyone may come visit it, but it does cost you a fee to enter.
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Why it is sacred

One of the reasons it is considered "sacred" is because it is built on a Visigoth site, which was most likely the site of an old Roman temple. The Mosque also as what some people call "A forest of stone." and it gives the illusion that there is no end, just like the mind, and it also makes them feel like they are in the presence of something massive, and mysterious.
Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain