Barber's Biz

Volume II

What is happening in Fifth Grade!

It is hard to believe that December has arrived. Where has the time went?

Every student has considered new ways to look at learning. They have noticed that learning is not always displayed in a simple snapshot but to be examined by stepping back, to zoom out, and see the whole of their journey. Each of us demonstrates our learning in a variety of ways. Fifth grade is the year to take risks and discover a new layer of our selves. We know that we are like a layer cake, full of amazing and unique layers all bundled inside. The journey is how to make those layers visible.

One way we have done this is by creating portfolios. These hold the learning of each student, their journey through fifth grade. Recently students took time to take a closer look at the writing they have worked on so tirelessly. They had the opportunity to notice where they have grown as a writer and what goals they may set for where they want to be in their writing as the year goes on. They had to ask themselves, "How do I see MYSELF as a writer?" Not "How does Mrs. Barber see me as a writer"! Being writer requires us to not only tell wonderful stories but to really think about how our readers interpret them.

Another way we have discovered what kind of learner we are is through our Social Studies Performance Assessments. Students worked in small groups to teach the class about what of histories great explorers. Students were expected to choose group members that would encourage them to try to new things and find ways to express what they learned. Groups chose an explorer and had a checklist of what needed to be shared. Then the real work began. It was left up to all groups to determine the best way, for them, to share what they learned. The opportunities were endless. Students used Power points, skits and even puppet make evident learning. This isn't the paper pencil Social Studies you may remember!

These are just a few snapshots of the learning happening in your fifth graders day. Students work hard to exhibit their learning, adding to the existing foundation. There is much more discovery to be had. It is like, we are the explorers now.

Helping our Kindergarten Book Buddies make Toy Soldiers

We took some time to ponder on all the things we are truly thankful for. Many thoughts were of family, friends and the simple things in life. We are thankful for all the family support we have. Thank you!

Math Workshop

Fifth graders noticing relationships between equivalent fractions through building fraction strips. The task requires LOTS of perseverance!

Writing Celebration

Wrapping up our final Personal Narrative pieces is not just about turning in a published story for Mrs. Barber to read, but to read aloud and be heard by others. Students gathered to celebrate their hard work by sharing it with small groups of their peers and of course, some cookies after!

Thanksgiving Celebration

A time for us to celebrate what an amazing fifth grade family we have. What better way then to have a thankful meal. All the donations were a big success. Just look at these faces...