Democratic Republic of Congo

Bernard Mccullough

Congo's Capital


Congo's Sky Bleu Flag, a Jaune Star, a Rouge Stripe with a Thin Jaune Frame.

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Total Size: 2,345,410 square km

Size Comparison: slightly less than one-fourth the size of the US

World Region or Continent: Western Africa

Congo's History

The country that is today known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, goes as far back as 8000 BC. The people of Congo were herders, farmers and tribal peoples. In the 600's AD the Bantu people came to the area and settled. The first Europeans to come to the land were the Portuguese. Explorer Diego Cao arrived in 1482. Many years later, in the late 1800's, British journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley would travel through much of the area. In 1885 the area became a colony of Belgian King Leopold II and would become a Belgian possession in 1907. In the 1960s the Belgian Congo gained full independence. The first president of Congo was Joseph Kasvubu.

Population... 65.1 Million

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