Prisons VS. Nursing Homes

Put the Elderly in Prison!

Topic #1: Servalence Cameras

Prison security systems allow you to track the movement and locations of inmates, staff, and visitors at all times. The issue of whether or not to put security cameras in nursing homes and where these should be placed is extremely controversial and is far from resolved.It is known that every year, 2.1 million older Americans are victims of physical, psychological, or other forms of nursing homes abuse. For every case of nursing home injury reported to authorities, experts estimate that there may be as many as five cases not reported. In Prison, as of September 1, 2012, there were 7,609 surveillance cameras on units across the state. Of these, 4,067 are in housing area.The guards are sometimes accused of abusing the prisoners but since they have cameras they can check to see what really happened. If an elderly says there being abused by a nurse, they can't check so they usually believe the nurse over the elder.

Topic #2: Free Medication

In prison prisoners are entitled to adequate medical treatment. If they don't it violates the 8th amendment. Some prisons have an infirmary, like nursing homes, for those who need extra care. They get regular check ups and medical privacy in prison just like the general public gets outside of prison. In 1997 the US Department of Health and Human Services ruled that medical could pay for prisoners treatment in Hospitals. They try to get families to pay for medical but if they don't have it they still get treated to protect everyone else health and safety in prison.Prisoners now are required to pay a $100 copay for a year to see a doctor. They made this law to take the Burden off the tax payers. The peoples tax money pays for medication and medical treatment.

Topic #3: Three Hot Meals

In some prisons Inmates may also purchase food at the prison commissary, such as chocolate bars, beef jerky, "squeeze cheese", bread, coffee, and snack cakes. In nursing homes The most common nutritional problems in nursing home residents are weight loss and concomitant protein energy under nutrition.Statistics show that 132 residents, who were screened for risk of malnutrition and completed a face-to-face interview questionnaire about dining experiences. Overall, 37.4% of participants were at risk of malnutrition. In 2001, prisons spent $955 on food per inmate per year—that’s $2.62 per day. In nursing homes, facilities are required to serve a certain amount of meat. One regional facility switched from serving a nice piece of meat to handing out chicken nuggets. Another facility puts three slices of thin deli meat on residents’ plates. In prison they are served 3-4 ounces of meat, half a cup of vegetables, and three-quarters of a cup of a starch. They are also served three-quarters of a cup of salad with dressing, 1 bread item, 1 beverage, and 1 dessert.

Pros & Cons: Nursing Homes


  1. you can have physical contact with family
  2. you can have some choice of what food you eat
  3. and you can come and go as you pleas
  4. your family can see you when they want to and you can wear what you want


  1. of living in a nursing home are they are very expensive
  2. they have small rooms
  3. some of the homes smell bad
  4. most of there meals are cold
  5. they lose independence.

Pros & Cons: Prisons

  1. free health care and medication,
  2. free room and board
  3. free food
  4. free cable
  5. access to a library and exercise equipment.
  1. you can't leave when ever you please
  2. there are certain days you can see people
  3. and you can't hug family member
  4. have to eat what they give you
  5. you can only have what they supply.


Prisons get treated better then the elderly in nursing homes do. They get free food, free health care, and free room and board. Elderly people in nursing homes have to pay for these and the high price of the nursing home. The prisoners have more rights and they committed a crime when the only crime the elderly committed was getting older.


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