Tech Telegram

October 12-14 Cannan

Good Morning Mrs.Sprayberry,

I would just like to say thank you for your warm welcome this year. You have an amazing staff and I have seen some incredible things they are doing with your students. With this in mind, I will share an overview each Friday of planning activities and teacher visits from your campus.

What's New in the Technology World?

Remember Kahoot? Quizizz is a similar program however, students don't have to follow along with the rest of the class. All they need is a code to take the quiz at their own pace and they see the questions right on their screen!!! Pre-made assessments or make your own. Great with your eBeams or Starboards!!!! Best of all it's FREE!!!!!

October 12

Digital Citizenship Planning With Shawn Lane

Student Holiday

October 13

Continued adding Tutorial Links to Tablets

Suarez - Tablet setup - training to follow

Team Planning 4th Grade

October 14

Met with Suarez and Johnson to plan Quizizz with Asus

Yamaguchi Starboard setup and tutorials

Spears solution for her room

More Tutorial links

October 15

PLC Planning K & 1st

Met with you - Solutions for Classrooms!!!! EXCITING!!!