Ainsley's binder

By Ainsley Shank

All About Me

Hi! I am ten years old and something unusual about me is that I have two middle names. I love horseback riding, walking my dog, and playing with my friends. I also enjoy watching movies, baking, playing outside, and swimming. I have a wonderful family including the most adorable dog named Annabell; she is so much fun and a good dog to cuddle. I also love to come to school because I get to learn a lot of new things, and see my friends and awesome teachers!

My Family

There are six members of our family, including our dog Annabell. I live with my Mom and Dad, my older brother and my younger brother.

My Goals for 5th Grade

Two goals I have for this year are to get a good grade on my math tests, and to participate in school activities such as choir.

Some of my favorite things...