Summer Sturdivant

About Me

Fun Facts

- My name is Summer and I was born in the Summer Time

- I have 3 siblings - 2 brothers and a little sister

- From Texas, born and raised

- Gemini

- I turn 16 this summer

5 things I love


- the beauty of nature

- all the benefits that come from it; clean air, medical uses, & what we can learn from it

- the ability of growing something; creating something

- how it can heal it's self from even from the worst of situations, like a forest fire

My goals for this year

- pass all my classes

- succeed in graduating early next year

- get a lisence

- get a job

Favorite Foods


- I draw & paint

- Doing things on my computer like gaming, binge watching Netflix, or reading

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What I want to learn

How to identify plants and better ways to grow plants