Child Labor

By: Camillion Davis

Child Labor & The Progressive Era

Child Labor

  • As a result of the progressive era many families were forced to send their young children into the work force in order to survive.
  • Child Labor was one of the most persistent causes of Progressive Era.
  • There were not any laws regulating child labor
  • In 1900 approximately two million children were working in mills, mines, fields, factories, stores, and on city streets across the United States.


Many children had to do labor during the progressive era because they needed to earn money to supply for their family. They were under very unsanitary working conditions and couldn't even enjoy their childhood while they faced poverty and injuries on the job. None of them were compensated for injuries and they all got paid little for tough work.



The Progressive Era

The progressive era was in a time period between 1900 through the 1920. It was a time where people and politicians had ideas on how to fix the problems within the American society. It was presented by middle class workers to help themselves but mainly the poor. The progressive era was ended once we came to world war 1.