Africa Adventure

Four things to see and do in Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro and what it can do for you.

Welcome to Mount Kilimanjaro! Did you know that Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the biggest mountains in the world? This beautiful mountain rises in two tall peeks, and is located in North east Tanzania. For those with cameras the is a perfect sight to show tho your friends at home, and for those a bit more daring you can climb it or hike up it twisted rodes.

Lake Victoria Water and you.

This lovely lake is the largest lake in Africa, is the main source of the Nile river and is filled to the brim with fish. Can you guess what in talking about? I'm talking about Lake Victoria! Come visit this lake and swim, and fish, or even water ski! So don't forget that bathing suit!

The Nile River a rafting adventurer

Come one come all to the amazing Nile River! The rive rive is a sight to behold, and being the biggest river in the world there sure is a lot to look at, and do. For example you could visit one of the several farms along it's banks, or grab a raft and paddle down this wonders land mark. But watch out for crocodiles.
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The Sahara Desert a dry destination.

Welcome to your final stop The Sahara Desert! I hope you brought a water bottle cuse this place is hot. Now follow me and we will ride camel back past an oasis. the we can go sand surfing!
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